The most advanced technologies for the most accurate diagnosis

Back Muscles

Brain + Lab Protocol

C.S + Mylography

Dinamic Sella MR

L.S + Mylography

Lab Protocol

MR Arthrography

MR L.L Ango

MRA Brain

MRA Carotid

MRA for Lower Limb with Contrast


MRI Abdomen

MRI Abdomen and Pelvis

MRI Abdomen and Pelvis with Contrast

MRI Ankle

MRI Aorta

MRI Both Breast

MRI Both Sacroiliac Joints

MRI Brachial Plexus

MRI Brain

MRI Brain + Volumetry

MRI Cervical

MRI Cervical with Screening Film

MRI Chest

MRI Clavical

MRI CSF Flowmetry

MRI Diffusion + Brain

MRI Diffusion + MRI Perfusion

MRI Dorsal

MRI Dorsal with Screening Film

MRI Dynamic Triphasic

MRI Elbow

MRI Entrography

MRI Facial

MRI Femur

MRI Fistulogram with Contrast

MRI Fistulogram without Contrast

MRI Foot

MRI Forearm

MRI Hand

MRI Heart

MRI Hips

MRI Humerus

MRI Knee


MRI Liver Lab

MRI Lumbar

MRI Lumbar with Screening Film

MRI Lumber Spine Flexion & Extension

MRI Mandible

MRI Maxilla without Contrast

MRI Myelography

MRI Nasopharynx

MRI Neck

MRI Nerve Sciatic

MRI Orbit

MRI Paranasal Sinuses

MRI Pelvis

MRI Penis

MRI Perfusion

MRI Perianal Fistula without Contrast

MRI Petrous Bone with Contrast

MRI Petrous Bone without Contrast

MRI Pharynx

MRI Prostate with Contrast

MRI Prostate without Contrast

MRI Rectum with Contrast

MRI Rectum without Contrast

MRI Renal Artereis without Contrast

MRI Sacral Spine

MRI Scrotal

MRI Scrotal with Contrast

MRI Sella with Contrast

MRI Shoulder

MRI Sialography

MRI Spectoscopy

MRI Spectroscopy + Brain

MRI Spectroscopy + Breast

MRI Sterno-clavical Joint


MRI Tongue with Contrast

MRI Triphasic + MRCP

MRI Undesinding Testis

MRI Undesinding Testis with Contrast

MRI Urography

MRI Whole Body Diffusion

MRI Wrist

MRV Brain

MRV Neck

Post Contrast MRI Examination of the Perineum