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Gastrographin Enema
Reservation Available

Needs reservation.

10:00 am - 10:00 pm / Saturday - Thursday

  1. Refrain from gas-forming foods such as dairy products, eggs, and carbonated water at the last meal, and take into account that the patient's last meal should be light, such as (honey - jam - rusk - vegetable soup - or any boiled food).
  2. Have a drink of castor oil 60 cm one hour after dinner with any warm drink preferred by the patient such as star anise - fenugreek.
  3. After taking the laxative, the patient fasts completely from food, and it is allowed to drink water and warm drinks only.
  4. Make an enema ready (Enemax) 4 hours before the reservation appointment.
  5. Make an enema ready (Enemax) 2 hours before the reservation appointment.
  6. It is necessary to bring any previous x-rays available.
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